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marcosandmarjan, 2008


Installation for the Westminster OPEN 2008
Design team: marcosandmarjan with DS10
Collaboration: Tim Culverhouse

The  Nurbster IX was designed for the Westminster student show. On a 1:1 scale, the design of the NURBSTERs is developed through intense CAD 2D and 3D modelling techniques. The manufacturing is performed through CAD/CAM technologies, especially laser cutting, water jetting and thermoforming. All components are cut by CAD-operated machines out of standard-sized MDF, plywood, or metal boards. A series of layered sections create a complex volume of NURBS (non-uniform rational B-splines). They build up a complex object, fitting programmatic, structural, ergonomic requisites expressed through curvilinear and arabesque geometries. The NURBSTERs’ ornamental character expresses deliberate eccentricities within the precision and material efficiency of the CAD-operated process.

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