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Edu, 1999

Besking: Selected Work


A Hybrid between a BEd+deSK+thing, London, MArch thesis project, 1999.

Programme: 1 bed, 1 desk, 1 seat for the architect, 1 seat for guest, flower pots, lamps, trash bin, drawers, plan holders.

Tutors: Yael Reisner, Peter Cook

The project looks in more detail at the furniture inside the BASKING. Again, the project develops, on 2D-software, complex organic - structural and functional - relations between elements: water-carrying pipes held together by the endless wrapping, unbalanced legs stabilised by the messy carpet, the architect’s and the guest’s seat, the inflatable blanket, the Easter garden and a pump that allows water to run through the pipes, creating divergent zones of different temperatures and allowing movement of the different elements.

All these elements have a ‘double personality’: the pipes are a major element but rather wild, the legs are adjustable but unstable, the carpet is light but messy, the blanket is soft but shy, the architect’s seat is adaptable yet unmovable while the guest’s seat is funny but naughty. The general curvilinearity of the design hints at research into the splinear fabric of convoluted fields, playing with ornamented CAD lines, some of them resulting from interfering with software commands.

Furthermore, the project includes two different scales, the 1:1 human scale and the 1:10 soft toy scale. In fact, in all the drawings – plans, sections, elevations, details – friendly soft toys and splinimals reappear in the organic shapes of the design: there are polar bears, seals, whales, elephants, huskies in the section; lions, whales, seals and myself, in the plans and sections.

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