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REX|LAB, 2018


Robotically 3D printed installation at the Gallerie Goettlicher Krems-Stein, Austria, 2018

Design: M. Colletti, E. Efthymiou, G. Grasser, A. Karaivanov, J. Ruiz

Fabrication: Baumit GmbH

Sponsoring: The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL. Innsbruck University, 
Baumit GmbH

Photography: N. Korab

We live in a time of digitisation, automation, artificial intelligence – the fourth industrial revolution. We still can not fully anticipate the scope of their effects; but it will fundamentally change every aspect of life at a pace unprecedented in any previous epoch. This development does not stop at art, architecture and design. The exhibition Liquid Rock shows large concrete elements, which were made with industrial robots in an innovative 3D printing process and is not only intended to sketch a glimpse into a speculative future, but to put it up for discussion.

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