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marcosandmarjan and Guan Lee, with Richard Beckett, 2013


Wall installation (now part of the permanent collection of the FRAC) at 9th ARCHILAB - Naturalizing Architecture 
Location: FRAC Centre, Orleans France

Duration: 14.09.2013 - 02.02.2014 
Design: marcosandmarjan and Guan Lee, with Richard Beckett 
Fabrication: Grymsdyke Farm; DMC London 
Algae technology: Marin Sawa with Nixon Group and Hellgardt Group (Imperial College); Richard Beckett (UCL) 
Collaboration: Olivia Pearson: Emu Masuyama; Jessie Lee; Keith McDonald; Jonas Brazys; Cullum Perry  
Sponsors: Bartlett School of Architecture; Grymsdyke Farm; Innsbruck University 

Algae-Cellunoi, installed at the 2013 ArchiLAB exhibition Naturalizing Architecture, is an ornamental wall structure for external use. It is composed of numerous cellular foam components resulting from a computational Voronoi pattern that determined the size and complexity of each cell. A sequence of lofted surfaces follows a gradient of punctuated lines and indentations that vary according to the geometric inclination of each surface, similar to growth layouts in sea barnacles and shells. To achieve this, the milling path of each cellular component was digitally controlled and manipulated. The result has multiple patterns with gaps and crevices. Each cellular component is seeded with terrestrial algae that grow in the ridges between the components. The selected algae strains are Neochloris texensis, a soil based algae of the Neochloris genus and Trentepohlia. Furthermore, each cellular component is also designed to host a variety of Objet 3D printed flasks, in which liquid algae can grow for ground fertilisation or for creating a varied natural ecology on the wall.

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